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Change Your Life with

Integral Consciousness Coaching

Our Proven System Makes Success Simple through various schools / tools, integrally:

- Consciousness Coaching

- Psychology

- PsychoAnalysis

- Physiology

- Philosophy

- Spirituality

- Sufism


- Neuro- Science

- Mindfulness

- Energy Modalities

- Body-Soul-Spirit

14+ Years of Human Development

3,600+ Client /Trainee

15,000+ Hrs Human Development

2,400+ Workshop days

65+ Graduated Coach

A non-Judgmental environment

It's a Multi-disciplinary humanistic laboratory for change, a place for personal renewal, in a non-judgmental environment in which multiple approaches to the psyche could be explored.

The “I”, “We”, “It” and the ”Its".

​Self-Discovery, Self-Acceptance, Accepting the “Is-ness” of the Life forces of the Divine , balancing our “BEING” with our “DOING”, allows us to live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Join our happy clients ...

"I would not have gotten through this current situation and times that is happening on the world; without the skills and the principles I have learned with Coach Mohamed Mohamed S. ElGhandour . I took 2 courses: Pace & Lead and Know yourself. Also I took one-on-one sessions to complement the courses. So grateful. Love & Peace✌️ "

- Abeer Maadawy

"it's life changing experience , eye opener recreation to my life

I am very much grateful for this course and for Mohamed El
Ghandour for his authenticity , dedication , knowledge and compassion

really thank you ❤️

"#علم_ ينتفع_به

- Mona Hassan

"من افضل الشخصيات الي اخدت معاهم ترينينج ❤️💙❤️ ومعلقين في ذاكرتي 👏🏻👏🏻"

- Ahmed Aboelhamd (Egypt)

"I have personally been around with different kinds of healing and therapy between psychologists, psychiatrists, shamans, gurus and energy healers in different countries.

MG’s knowledge, experience and style made my experience very comfortable and more importantly super effective.

Been so far, in two sessions and in each, we were able to totally nail the sole purpose of having the session in the first place.

Moreover, one doesn’t just leave with just conclusions, but also a plan on what needs to be done moving forward.

I was recommended MG from different friends more than 1.5 years ago. And I ONLY sought his help when I had a massive urgent emergency, and indeed he made time the next day and as mentioned nailed it on the head.

Good luck to everyone and god bless"

- Marwan Ziad

"Une personne merveilleuse et compétent bonne continuation et plus de succès 😊❤"

- Yasmine

"Yes i was really impressed by how professional he is, easy to understand him & make u reach the target in the most simple & smooth way"

- Dina Omar Khaled

Mohamed S. ElGhandour

Integral Consciousness Development Coach

  • Integral Consciousness Development Coach
  • Certified Coach Master Trainer, ICI
  • Certified NLP Practitioner, INLPTA, IATC, IN
  • Dale Carnegie People Performance Coach
  • Enneagram Certified teacher SCL, USA
  • BioGeometry Practitioner, Egypt
  • Reiki Practitioner HRA
  • Family Systemic Coaching. The Center for Systemic Constellations, UK
  • Integral life and consciousness school. Ken Wilber
  • School of Awakening. Eckhart Tolle
  • William Glasser Reality therapy / Choice theory certified practitioner.

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How we can help you

Personal Coaching

Our private Consciousness coaching sessions provide you with one-on-one support to help you achieve the change you want, overcome your challenges, and unlock your full potential. Whether you're seeking career success, human growth, or improve your relationships, our expert coaches are here to facilitate every step of the way.

Recorded Seminars

Our online lectures offer a convenient and affordable way to gain valuable knowledge and insights on a variety of topics related to Consciousness , personal growth and professional development. Strategies for achieving the change you want, our engaging lectures provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in your journey for change.

Our Workshops (live in-house & online)

Our live workshops are interactive, engaging and hands-on events. Designed to help you learn new Integral Consciousness skills, connect with like-minded individuals, and gain valuable insights. Whether you're looking to develop your leadership skills, enhance your personal brand, or build stronger relationships, our workshops provide you with the support and guidance you need to facilitate your change and growth.

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